Humans vs. Zombies Game Organizing

The creators of Humans vs. Zombies are available for your team building and corporate events!

“We brought the Humans vs Zombies team in for a team building day for our small development team. They did an amazing job of altering the game rules to suit our one day, 20 person game. They came a day early to scope out the locations we’d be playing in and wrote missions specific to our area. Even more than a year later, my team still talks about it as one of the best times we’ve had together.”
- Sony Computer Entertainment of America

We started Humans vs. Zombies because we love creating meaningful experiences for other people. Organizing fun is our passion, and we’d be proud to share Humans vs. Zombies with you.

What we do

Our team of experienced moderators will work with your organization to deeply understand your needs, and create a custom game Humans vs. Zombies just for you.

We can arrange HvZ events to suit your needs, whether that’s a week-long adventure or just a few hours of intense fun. HvZ works great in parks and can even be set up indoors. All that we require is enough room for people to be able to run around, throw balled up socks at one another (or shoot foam dart blasters), and lose themselves in the experience.

How we do it

We’ll arrive in advance of your game to scout the location and start planning missions and events. We’ll work with event organizers to tailor the rules and goals of the game to your culture and needs.

On the day of the game, you team will meet and be briefed on the rules. As soon as play starts, they’ll have to trust each other to survive a zombie outbreak while completing various missions around the area. As human players are tagged, they’ll join the zombie team. As zombies, players need to work in perfect cohesion to outsmart the humans.

At the end of the day, your team will meet back up to share war stories and talk about the game.

Past HvZ Events

Humans vs Zombies is frequently cited as one memorable experiences of players’ lives. The game has created an enormous online community, as well as countless friendships and even a few marriages.

Games we have hosted at festivals and conventions have won numerous awards, including:

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