Wearing Humans vs. Zombies merchandise supports the game, and helps us keep the lights on. Every penny that we make from Humans vs. Zombies merchandise goes back into the game - it pays for our severs, development of the free HvZ SOURCE software, and lets us bring HvZ to schools and events around the world.

Official HvZ Marshmallow Shooters!

Over the last year, we've been working closely with the Marshmallow Fun Company to design our very own Marshmallow shooter. It doesn't just look spectacular. With a 50 mini-mallow capacity, it sprays roughly 30 feet. Perfect for zombie slaying!
Remember, marshmallows are biodegradable. Get yours today for just $25 plus shipping.

Order Official HvZ Bandanas

They're big, they're orange, they're iconic. They're the official bandanna of Humans vs. Zombies. We put a lot of effort into designing the perfect bandana for our game, and we're really proud of the result.  
This is not just any bandana. They're huge - 22 inches - so that they'll fit on your head, your leg, whatever. If you need to bail out of an airplane, you can use it as a parachute. Also, they will make you more aerodynamic and improve both your vertical leap and your overall health. They're bright orange, so you will be clearly identified as a player and in compliance with all school rules. Finally, they're reversible, so you can use it to identify yourself clearly as a human or a zombie. This might be the greatest bandana ever created by mankind. We love wearing them, we love hanging them on our walls, and we love sending them to you. And we're not screwing around - you can own this bandana for $5. That's right - five bones. Who are you kidding? You're buying this bandana. Pull the trigger right now:
If you want to make a big order of bandanas or shirts for your game, we will give you a sweet bulk price!

SWEET T-Shirts

Every so often, we release a couple hundred limited edition t-shirts. We design them ourselves and work with our printer to make sure each shirt is exactly right. They're made of high-quality materials by a local printer, and the quality shows; each of us is still wearing shirts that we've had for years. Order them now! Once a design sells out, it's gone. We will never print it again. If you like what you see, snatch it up. We sell out quickly. These limited edition Tan Humans vs. Zombies t-shirts are printed with a fine quality screen on pre-shrunk, insanely-soft, poly-cotton, American Apparel t-shirts.

If you like what you see, support Humans vs. Zombies and buy a t-shirt for fifteen dollars.


Freakin' Hoodies Our most-requested item - official HvZ hoodies.

These heavy-duty Gildan zip-up hoodies bear the Humans vs. Zombies logo.