New Sponsorship Policy

Our mission is to keep HvZ free to play. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always mean that HvZ is free to organize. Putting on the best possible game for your players can be costly. Not every game has access to school funding and donations can’t always cover all of your costs. Some schools have inventively begun seeking outside sponsorship to solve this problem. However, negotiating one of these deals can be even more daunting than organizing the game itself. Our new sponsorship policy hopes to eventually make this process easier.

We are beginning to work on the national scale to offer optional sponsorships for games that need help covering their costs. To be clear, at no point in the future will any HvZ game be required to participate (we will not force you to run a game of “HvZ brought to you by the Shake Weight®”). This will always be optional – and hopefully a useful tool for a lot of you.

The first step in this process is to make an inventory of past and current sponsorships. This will help us to negotiate future sponsorships and to get a sense of what has and hasn’t worked. Our new sponsorship policy asks that any future game of HvZ notify us if they are participating in a sponsorship. We just want to know how it went, we won’t ask you to change anything unless (1) you’re receiving way more money than it costs to run your game or (2) you’re associating with a sponsor that hurts the reputation of HvZ. For example, we don’t want you accepting sponsorships from the Westboro Baptist Church.

And it should go without saying, but if you want nothing to do with any of this sponsorship nonsense that’s perfectly fine. You will have our blessing as you champion the DIY spirit HvZ was built with.

Thanks, Cweed