Goodbye to an Old Friend

Dear HvZ Community,
Over the last couple of years we’ve been working incredibly hard to come out with a suitable replacement for the KarlvsZombies software. Now that the new HvZSOURCE is ending it’s beta, we’d like to finally announce that we’re finally decommissioning the KarlvsZombies (KvZ) game engine. Between now and January 1, all KvZ game sites will be archived and removed from our servers. Please don’t fret, if you’d like to still use KvZ or continue contributing to the open source project, you can checkout the code base on our GitHub page. You’ll just need to run it on your own server.

One night in late 2006, our dear friend Karl Tata wrote the original code. Because of this lone wolf, we’ve been able to host hundreds (maybe thousands) of your game sites. Karl has done more for the HvZ community than he probably even knows. Now, it is time that we say good night to this beloved software.

Sail onto Valhalla! Sail on Sweet Prince!

Love and Peace,
Gnarwhal Studios and the HvZ Team